Father Brown spin-off series coming to BritBox

When Father Brown isn’t around it’s down to Sister Boniface – and a few hasty Hail Marys – to save the day.

Just as the beloved Father Brown mystery series has returned for its nineth season, a new spin-off series is on its way.

Father Brown series nine debuted on BritBox on January 18th and it will be followed by Sister Boniface Mysteries on February 8th.

The Sister Boniface character made an appearance in only one episode of Father Brown but she made such an impact, the creators have given Boniface her own series.  The popular character, brought to life by Lorna Watson, first appeared on screens in the Father Brown episode “The Bride of Christ“. Created by Jude Tindall (Father Brown) and produced by BBC Studios Drama Productions, the ten-episode series will also see a special appearance from Mark Williams (Father Brown).

BritBox describes the series as: “It’s the 1960s and police forensics are rudimentary. Luckily the residents of Great Slaughter, nestled deep in the British countryside, have a secret weapon: Sister Boniface. This nun might be predisposed to forgive – but she’s also one hell of an amateur detective. If there’s evidence to be found Boniface will find it with a little help from dashing maverick DI Sam Gillespie and buttoned-up Bermudan DS Felix Livingstone, who’s horrified to be stuck in the eccentric world of Great Slaughter.”

Upcoming storylines include…A corpse is found stuffed inside a dummy at the local fair; tragedy hits a visiting TV crew and a gruesome discovery is made in Edie’s beloved allotment plot.

BritBox is available for $8.99 per month or $89.99 per year— after an introductory free trial period  —on Roku®, Apple TV 4th Gen, Samsung, LG, Chromecast and all iOS and Android devices, and online at BritBox is also available on Amazon Prime Video Channels for Prime members. 

Top Photo: The cast of Sister Boniface. Courtesy: BritBox.

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