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What’s Coming to Arrow in March

Friday, March 3rd

Re-Animated: The Jeffrey Combs Collection

Titles Include: Castle Freak, Doctor Mordrid, Lurking Fear.

Paul Joyce: Dennis Hopper: Some Kind of Genius (UK/IRE/US/CA)

An entertaining and intimate interview with the legendary star of Apocalypse Now and Blue Velvet whose directorial debut, Easy Rider, changed Hollywood forever.

Nothing As It Seems: The Films of Nicolas Roeg (UK/IRE/US/CA)

An insightful look at the formidable British director behind cult classics Walkabout, Performance, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Don’t Look Now and The Witches.
Friday, March 10th

Nico Mastorakis: Hellas Raiser

Greek genre film god Nico Mastorakis has been banging out pulpy thrillers jam-packed full of excitement, action and gore since the 1970s. To celebrate the arrival of his cyber-thriller .com for Murder on ARROW, here is a season of some of Mastorakis’ best. From his telekinetic Giallo debut, Death Has Blue Eyes; to his Video Nasty, Island of Death; James Earl Jones battling underwater terror in Bloodtide and Meg Foster vs. a sickle-wielding psycho in The Wind; sit back and prepare yourself for all-out entertainment from the Hellas Raiser himself. 

Titles Include: .com For Murder, Island of Death, Nightmare at Noon.
Friday, March 17th

Death By Stereo

Turn this collection on with music and audio-based ARROW features, shorts and turn the extras up to 11!
From sound as a weapon in LFO, to a caged female house band in Blood Dolls, Death By Stereo features wild musical numbers, feuding punk bands and musicians in danger, as well as music videos from effects legend Screamin’ Mad George, a singalong Re-animator dance anthem (for real) and even Goblin’s Claudio Simonetti discussing the score for Dario Argento’s Deep Red.

Titles Include: LFO, Burst City, Hellbent.

Barbarella Forever! (UK/IRE/US/CA)

A never-before-seen look behind the scenes of the making of the sexy and swinging sci-fi cult classic.

 Barbarella, starring Jane Fonda

Mike Hodges: A Film-Maker’s Life (UK/IRE/US/CA): an intimate work concerning the life and work of recently deceased British genre filmmaker Mike Hodges.

Fall Breakers: The Making of The Mutilator (UK/IRE/US/CA): a retrospective documentary on the making of the 1980’s slasher horror splatter cult classic The Mutilator (1984).

Horror Movie Survival Guide Selects

The final Season of the month comes courtesy of our friends at the hit Horror Movie Survival Guide podcast. Julia Marchese and Teri Gamble have been in training to be Final Girls for over 200 episodes now, so they know a thing or two about horror.

Titles Include: The Deeper You Dig, Season of the Witch, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The Hills Have Eyes, The Crazies, Blood Feast, Ringu, Things To Come, Blind Beast, Horrors of Malformed Men, Two Witches, The Stylist, Vampyres, Puppet Master, Children of the Corn, The Italian Connection, The Devil’s Rain, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage.
Friday, March 24th

Mary Queen of Scots

Perfect Sense
Tuesday, Marc h 28th

Friday, March 31st

Summer Time Machine

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