Gay streaming service to expand

GagaOOLala is taking on the world.

The Asian gay streaming service is set to expand to 190 countries around the world next month, which is the anniversary of same sex marriage becoming legal in Taiwan.

For $6 a month GagaOOLala offers a line-up featuring such television series as ‘#STI’ and ‘People Like Us’ and spotlights such movies as ‘7 Minutes’, ‘Portrait of a Lady On Fire’, ‘Drive Me Home’ and ‘Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!!’

“With the LGBT community especially isolated – especially if they are living by themselves and not welcomed by family – we hope this provides relief, distraction and entertainment,” Jay Lin, head of Taipei-based Portico Media, told Reuters News Service.

GagaOOLala is available via its web site and app. There are approximately 370,000 registrations to the free section of the site.

GagaOOLala produces its own original content and also carries feature films from gay film festivals around the world as well.

At press time it is not clear which countries GagaOOLala will be expanding but the news will be announced via their site soon.

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