New ‘Stranger Things’ cast includes ‘Freddy’ and Game of Thrones star

Freddy Kruger himself is joining the cast of ‘Stranger Things’.

Netflix has announced that Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street, V) will star in season four along with Jamie Campbell Bower (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones), Eduardo Franco (Booksmart, Joseph Quinn (Howards End), Sherman Augustus (Into the Badlands, Westworld), Mason Dye (Bosch), Nikola Djuricko (Genius) and Tom Wlaschiha who played Jaqen H’ghar in Game of Thrones. H’ghar was one of the Faceless Men, a shapeshifting member of an assassin’s order. He joined the Night’s Watch and helped  Arya Stark flee King’s Landing and ended up training her under a different identity.

One of the primary settings of season four is a psychiatric hospital where Englund plays Victor Creel, who has been imprisoned since the fifties after committing a horrible murder.

Wlaschiha is a prison guard in Russia who seems to strike up a friendship with Jim Hopper, Hawkins’ Chief of Police. Hopper was last seen fleeing the exploding gateway the Russians opened to the Upside Down in the season three finale. .

The first episode of the new season is entitled The Hellfire Club, which could be a riff of an evil mutant organization in The X-Men comics and movies. Knowing series creators the Duffer Brothers, it probably is. In the show though, The Hellfire Club is a Dungeons and Dragons group at Hawkins High that becomes drawn into the mysterious happenings of season four.

The filming of season four was impacted by the pandemic and recently resumed shooting in September. It is unknown when the new season will air on Netflix.

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