‘Moon Knight’ series casts Hawke as baddie

The Disney Plus Moon Knight series is getting a familiar face as its villain.

Deadline reports that Ethan Hawke (Before Sunrise, Training Day, Gattaca, Reality Bites) will play the baddie to Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight.

It is not clear which villain Hawke will be playing but Moon Knight’s most notable baddies are:

Bushman: A mercenary partner of Spector’s who betrays him and sparks his decision to become Moon Knight.

Black Spectre: A disgruntled Viet Nam veteran who attempts to frame Moon Knight for his crimes.

Werewolf By Night: Before getting his own series Moon Knight guest-starred in Werewolf By Night in which he fought the title character. His popularity skyrocketed and he appeared in other books such as The Spectacular Spider-Man before getting his own series.

Crossfire: He’s a former spy who lost an ear and an eye in a bomb blast. He would later put together and lead his own team of mercenaries.

Midnight Man: A jewel thief who teamed up with Bushman to vanquish Moon Knight.

Moon Knight has also crossed paths with such Spider-Man and Daredevil villains as The Kingpin, Bullseye, The Jester, Bengal, Hobgoblin and The Scarecrow.

A boots-on-the-ground type of hero like Batman and Daredevil, Moon Knight battles street criminals, psychopaths and also various supernatural beings. He has multiple personalities when he is not Moon Knight which include millionaire playboy Steven Grant (Marvel’s version of Bruce Wayne), cabbie Jake Lockley and secret agent, mercenary Marc Spector. It was later discovered that these personalities weren’t just identities but different parts of Spector’s own troubled psyche.

In the original comic book series, Moon Knight was also often assisted by mercenary Jean-Paul Duchamp, known as “Frenchie”. Frenchie was Spector’s pilot and sidekick.

Spector originally became Moon Knight when Bushman stabbed him in the back and left him for dead. The Egyptian moon god Khonshu offered Spector a deal to resurrect him. Spector accepted and became the god’s manifestation, bodily form on Earth.

Filming of the series begins in March. No air date has been announced.

Top Photo: Moon Knight. Courtesy: Marvel Comics.

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