This Week’s Streaming Premieres January 10th to 14th

Wednesday, January 12thFriday, January 14th

The Book Of Boba Fett, Chapter 3
Betty White Goes Wild!

Catch That Kid
Wednesday, January 12thThursday, January 13thFriday, January 14th
Joe Pera Talks With You Season 3

Squidbillies Season 13
Diego, The Last Goodbye (Diego, el último adiós), Max Original Documentary

My Mom, Your Dad, Max Original Season 1 Premiere

Peacemaker, Max Original Season 1 Premiere

Station Eleven, Max Original Season Finale

Monday, January 10thTuesday, January 11thThursday, January 13thFriday, January 14th
The Golden Palace: Complete Series

Call Me Kat: Season 2 Premiere

Pivoting: Series Premiere

Ailey (2021)

Black Bear (2020)
I’m Your Man (2021)Madagascar: A Little Wild: Complete Season 6

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest: Season 2 Premiere (Sub)

My Best Friend’s Girl (2008)
Sex Appeal (2022)

Bergman Island (2021)
Monday, January 10thTuesday, January 11thWednesday, January 12thThursday, January 13thFriday, January 14th
Undercover: Season 3Dear MotherHow I Fell in Love with a GangsterBrazen


The Journalist

After Life: Season 3

Archive 81

Blippi: Adventures

Blippi’s School Supply Scavenger Hunt

The House

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure

This Is Not a Comedy
Monday, January 10thTuesday, January 11thWednesday, January 12thThursday, January 13thFriday, January 14th
Paper & Glue, 2021 


Kenan, Season 2, Episode 2 (NBC) 

That’s My Jam, Season 1, Episode 3 (NBC) 
American Auto, Season 1, Episode 3 (NBC) 

Grand Crew, Season 1, Episode 3 (NBC) 

Nancy & Tonya, 2022* 
Madagascar: A Little Wild, Season 6 

One-Punch Man, Season 1 

Paris in Love, Season 1, Episode 10 (Peacock Original)* 

The Real Housewives of Miami, Season 4, Episode 6 (Peacock Original)* 

Wolf Like Me, Season 1, Episodes 1-6 (Peacock Original)* 
Ayman, Season 1, New Episode
Monday, January 10thWednesday, January 12thThursday, January 13thFriday, January 14th
Colombiana (2011)

Colombiana (Unrated) (2011)
A Sort Of Homecoming (2016)

The Intouchables (2012)

Squadgoals (2018)

Twinsanity (2018)
The Master (2012)Hotel Transylvania: Transformania – Amazon Original Movie (2021)

Do, Re & Mi – Amazon Original Series: New Episodes
Monday, January 10th
• Eyes of Fire
(Available on Shudder US)
A preacher is accused of adultery, and he and his followers are chased out of town. They become stranded in an isolated forest, which is haunted by the spirits of long dead Native Americans.

• Il Demonio
(Available on Shudder US)
A stunning story of obsessive love, set in a rural Southern Italian village where Christianity has integrated many of the old superstitious beliefs. Daliah Lavi (The Whip and the Body) plays Purif, who is distraught when her lover is betrothed to another. Her erratic behavior is interpreted as demonic possession—leading the villagers to turn
against her with physical and sexual violence.

• Alison’s Birthday
(Available on Shudder US)
Getting its first official release since the VHS era, this Australian paranormal cult is unearthed! During a Ouija board session with her teenaged friends, 16-year-old Alison gets a message from beyond the grave not to go home for her 19th birthday. Fast forward three years later to the week of her 19th: she gets a call from her mother that they’re having a party to celebrate, and they want her there alone.

• Leptirica
(Available on Shudder US)
Based loosely on by Milovan Glišić’s classic 1880 Serbian vampire story After Ninety Years – which preceded Bram Stoker’s Dracula by nearly two decades – Djordje Kadijevic’s adaptation is a subversive, darkly erotic take on Glišić’s pastoral tale of a group of rural villagers beset upon by the infamous vampire Sava Savanovic, who has
taken up residence in their local flour mill.

• Clearcut
(Available on Shudder US)
A white lawyer arrives to a remote area in Northern Ontario to defend Indigenous activists who are blocking a logging company’s clearcut of old growth on their land. A pacifist by nature, and perceiving himself as sympathetic to Indigenous concerns, he finds his values shaken when he is paired with an angry, rogue Indigenous activist named Arthur (Graham Greene) who insists on kidnapping the head of the logging company to take him deep into the forest—where he hopes to teach him the price of his destruction.

• Wilzcyzca
(Available on Shudder US)
A domestic hit in Poland on first release, Marek Piestrak’s stunning wintry werewolf film is a sexually charged folktale that pits a 19th century Polish patriot against the ghost of his unfaithful wife, who haunts him from beyond the grave as a she-wolf.

• Lake of the Dead
(Available on Shudder US)
Considered a classic of Norwegian cinema, a group of colleagues venture to a remote cabin to look for a missing friend and are spooked by an old legend: that the cabin had belonged to a man who killed his sister and her lover and then drowned himself in the lake. Since then, it is said that anyone who stays in the cabin will be driven to the same fate.

• Tilbury
(Available on Shudder US)
This made-for-TV film shares the Icelandic lore of the Tilbury, a creature who could be summoned by women in times of financial hardship and starvation. But the gifts of the Tilbury come with their own brand of destruction. Set in 1940, during the British occupation, a country boy discovers his childhood sweetheart is having an affair with a British soldier, but suspects it could be one of the evil creatures.

• Lokis
(Available on Shudder US)
A pastor and ethnographer visits a remote corner of 19th century Lithuania where folk customs associated with the area’s pagan past still have a hold on the population. There he finds himself the guest of a strange old family consisting of a sadistic Count and his mad mother, who—legend has it—was raped by a bear on her wedding night; the Count himself reputed to be the product of this bestial assault.

• Edge of the Knife
(Available on Shudder US)
Edge of the Knife is a feature length Haida language film about pride, tragedy, and penance. Adiits’ii, the lead character in the film, is mentally and physically pushed to the brink of survival and becomes Gaagiixiid/Gaagiid — the Haida Wildman. The Gaagiixiid is one of Haida’s most popular stories, sustained over the years though song and performance.
Monday, January 10thWednesday, January 12th
Black BearAwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer (Season 3)

Danger Force (Season 1)

Danger Force Minisodes (Season 1)

RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 12)

RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked (Season 12)

Top Photo: Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Courtesy: Amazon Prime.

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