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Kung Fu Killer Review


Tag Line: Nobody’s going down without a fight.
Original Title: Yi ge ren de wu lin.
Release Date: 2014.
Director: Teddy Chan.
Producers: Alvin Chau, Xiaoming Yan and Albert Yeung.
Written By: Teddy Chan, Ho Leung Lau and Tin Shu Mak.
Donnie Yen, Baoqiang Wang, Charlie Yeung and Bing Bai.
Running Time:
100 minutes.

What’s worse than a serial killer? How about a serial killer who is also a martial arts master? Baoqiang Wang stars as the twisted Fung Yu-Sau, a psychopath targeting the elite senseis of Hong Kong. It isn’t enough for Yu-Sau to beat them into Jell-O, every fight is a fight to the death, a really, really grisly death. Yu-Sau then signs all of his kills with his Moonshadow throwing knife buried somewhere squishy in the battered body.

Baffled and befuddled, the local police strike a deal with a convicted murder and kung fu expert Hahou Mo (Donnie Yen – Chirrut Îmwe in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) to help end Yu-Sau’s reign of terror. Mo ain’t all that bad though. He was imprisoned for accidentally killing a man and his case isn’t as simple as it seems so he ain’t really a bad guy.

Speaking of Star Wars…What is wrong with these filmmakers? Do they have Bantha dung for brains? First, they feed Boba Fett to Roseanne Barr, then they turn Darth Maul into a doubles tennis pair and then they blow up the only kung fu Jedi master in the entire universe. Meanwhile, Jar Jar Binks and Rose Tico live on. These idiots deserve the same fate as the Xenomorph Queen in Aliens. Someone get Sigourney on the phone, would you?


The fact that Fung Yu-Sau hunts his prey by various martial arts styles gives rise to a number of imaginative fight segments which include a battle atop a giant human skeleton, two vicious sword fights and the extraordinary final clash which set on a busy, crowded freeway where the combatants trade blows UNDERNEATH moving vehicles.

Although the wrap-up of the main event brawl is a mite disappointing – A Good Day to Die Hard disappointing, not Star Wars: The Last Jedi disappointing – there is enough superb kung fu fighting and bombastic dialogue to keep you shoveling that popcorn in your yap.



A bone-crushing kick to the throat.
Someone is thrown out a window.
A victim gets sliced and diced.
Choking death.
Karate kick to the head.
Two chop-chop machete kills.
Someone is shot to death.

Naughty Bits

Memorable Dialogue

A prison guard says to Mo: “Shall I serve you tea and toast?”
Mo is told by a friend: “A martial artist must guard his underarms.”
Yu-Sau for saying: “Martial arts is meant for killing.”

Pints of Blood




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