Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop cast

Hawkeye is getting a partner.

Disney has announced that Hailee Steinfeld will play Kate Bishop, Hawkeye’s protégé in the upcoming Hawkeye streaming series.

Steinfeld won an Oscar nomination for the film True Grit, appeared as Emily Dickinson in the televisions series Dickinson, was the voice of Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, was Charlie in Bumblebee and Emily in the Pitch Perfect films.

The Kate Bishop character has been the center of much controversy in the Marvel Comics with her not only taking on the Hawkeye name but often overshadowing her mentor.

It remains to be seen though how the character will be worked into the 2021 Disney+ series.

Top Photo: Kate Bishop and Hawkeye. Courtesy: Marvel Comics.

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