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CBC severs relationship with Netflix

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Netflix are going their separate ways.

CBC, Canada’s national public broadcaster, has stated that they will no longer be teaming with Netflix on any future projects.

President and CEO Catherine Tait told the Content Canada podcast that in her mind CBC’s deals with Netflix only help the streaming service and not Canada’s own broadcasting industry.

CBC partnered with Netflix to produce Anne with an E and Alias Grace. During that time CBC claimed that the co-productions were a way for the crown corporation to save money.

Earlier this year Netflix opened a production hub in Toronto at Cinespace Studios. Netflix has said it will spend $500 million over five years to produce Canadian shows and movies there.  Guillermo del Toro Presents Ten After Midnight and Let It Snow are two projects that are underway at the present time.

Some have criticized Netflix for not having to pay Canadian taxes or pay into the Canada Media Fund.

Top Photo: Dalila Bela, Kyla Matthews, and Amybeth McNulty in Anne (2017). Courtesy: CBC and Netflix.

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