The Beach House to open on Shudder

Talk about a bad vacation.

Shudder has acquired the seaside horror film The Beach House.

In the film, Emily (Liana Liberato from Light as a Feather) and Randall (Depraved) hope to reignite their relationship with a weekend getaway. They find that the house they are renting is already occupied by an older couple. When they awake the next morning, a nightmare of apocalyptic proportions has arrived.

The Beach House is the debut film from writer-director Jeffrey A. Brown.

“I could not be happier with The Beach House finding its home on Shudder, which has brought so many classics and contemporary groundbreakers to horror fans everywhere. I’ve always wanted our film to be discovered by this audience, and to come out alongside so many great films on Shudder’s platform is the ultimate endorsement. I can’t wait for the release!” said writer/director Jeffrey A. Brown.

The Beach House is slated to premiere on Shudder next year.

Top Photo: Liana Liberato in Light as a Feather. Courtesy: Hulu.

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