This week’s streaming premieres

Monday, December 9th

Light of My Life

Wednesday, December 11th

Bumblebee (2018)

The Expanse: Season 4

Friday, December 13th

The Mandalorian: Episode 6

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: What team?

Encore!: Episode 6: Oklahoma!

The Imagineering Story: Episode 6: To Infinity and Beyond

The World According to Jeff Goldblum Episode 6: Gaming

Monday, December 9th

Miss Universe

Wednesday, December 11th

Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways

Sherman’s Showcase: Season 1

Fast Color

Thursday, December 12th


Friday, December 13th

Marvel’s Runaways: Season 3

The Great American Baking Show: Season 5



The Sounds of Silence

Monday, December 9th

It Comes at Night

A Family Reunion Christmas 

Tuesday, December 10th

Outlander: Season 3

Michelle Wolf: Joke Show

Wednesday, December 11th

The Sky Is Pink

Thursday, December 12th

Jack Whitehall: Christmas with my Father

Friday, December 13th

Sunday, December 15th

A Family Man

Karthik Calling Karthik

Monday, December 9th


Three notorious gangsters (“kings of thieves”) who have never crossed paths find themselves in the same restaurant at the same time, and their fates are changed forever.  This fictionalized story about three real-life criminals was showered with awards and nominations, including Best Film at the Hong Kong Film Awards. A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE. Starring Richie Jen, Jordan Chan, Ka and Tung Lam, directed by Jevons Au, Frank Hui and Wai-Kit Wong. (Also available on Shudder UK)

Wednesday, December 11


Produced and scored by Flying Lotus and executive-produced by Steven Soderbergh, PERFECT introduces Garrett Wareing as an emotionally-troubled young man. His mother sends him to a clinic, where modernist serenity whispers soothing promises of perfection. By planting plug-and-play enhancements directly into his own body, he is relieved of his dark, twisted visions, but his body pays the price for purity of mind. Starring: Garrett Wareing, Abbie Cornish, Courtney Eaton, Tao Okamoto

(Also available on Shudder Canada)

Inner Demon

In Ursula Dabrowsky’s twist-filled thriller, a teenage girl must fight for survival when she’s kidnapped by an evil psychopath couple with a taste for torment. Samantha soon manages to escape into the woods where she stumbles into a secluded home. But Sam’s story, and her long night of terror, is far from over. This house belongs to someone she’s already met, and there may be another resident living there–one who’s not exactly flesh and blood. Nobody does brutal crime thrillers better than Australia, and this seriously scary story is no exception to that rule. Starring: Sarah Jeavons, Kerry Ann Reid, Andreas Sobik (Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK)

Friday, December 13

Joe Bob’s Red Christmas

It’s Friday the 13th and Joe Bob Briggs, America’s foremost drive-in movie critic, is back for an all-night triple feature of hand-picked holiday horrors, running the gamut from the cult to the classic to the truly bizarre. Stock up on Lone Stars and make plans to stay up late with Joe Bob and Darcy the Mail Girl on this special, eggnog-fueled edition of The Last Drive-In, streaming live on Shudder TV beginning at 9pm ET/6pm PT. As is customary, the hosted versions of all three films will also be available later on demand. (Also available in Shudder Canada)

Top Photo: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

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