Ultraman coming to Shout! TV

Japan’s iconic superhero Ultraman has finally found a home in North America.

Shout! Factory and Mill Creek Entertainment are teaming up to bring Tsuburaya Productions’ iconic Ultraman superhero library to the free Shout! TV streaming service.

Shout! Factory TV with exclusive SVOD and AVOD digital rights in the U.S. and Canada to Tsuburaya’s expansive catalog of Ultraman properties including more than 1,100 episodes and 20 movies.

In the series, Ultraman hails from the distant Nebula M78 and protects Earth and the human race from an endless array of invading aliens and terrifying monsters together with the crew of the Earth-based defense team using advanced high-tech weapons and vehicles. Ultraman battles monsters that cause endless mayhem and destruction on Earth. With the ability to extend his height to over 130 feet, Ultraman merges with a human and only emerges in times of extreme danger to save people and the Earth.

“A colossus of the tokusatsu genre, Ultraman is one of the most beloved and enduring pop culture brands in the world and, amazingly, it’s still growing. So it’s particularly exciting to present more than 50 years of TV series and feature films to North American audiences, much of it for the first time. They’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and we aim to help that happen,” stated Jordan Fields, Vice President of Acquisitions at Shout! Factory.

Shout! Factory TV plans to rollout Ultraman on its new , free TOKUSHOUTSU streaming channel this year in conjunction with the free Pluto TV.

Shout! Factory TV’s main channel of content featuring shows like the Prisoner, Mystery Science Theatre, Space 1999 is also free to stream.

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