HBO Max pondering Harry Potter series

The wizarding world of Harry Potter could be getting a television series at HBO Max, according to Deadline.

Although sources at HBO Max told Deadline there is no Potter series in development, the outlet claims they have a source who says talks are underway to formulate a deal and fleshing out a show for HBO Max.

It is not clear what part if any Harry Potter might play in the series.

Last week, Warner Brothers put Tom Ascheim, their Kids, Young Adult and Classics president, in charge of everything Harry Potter and that would include any talks with creator J. K. Rowling. No series or anything Harry Potter related can be greenlighted without her approval as Rowling retains control over the entire brand.

The only new material fans can look forward to is the next film in the Fantastic Beasts series is currently in production. It was originally had a release date of this November but the making of the movie had to be delayed due to the COVID pandemic.

Currently, NBCUniversal has the domestic TV distribution rights to the Harry Potter movies and that deal with Warner Brothers doesn’t expire until four years from now.

Top Photo: Harry Potter in the movie series. Courtesy: Warner Brothers.

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