Binge News Bites for February 4th 2021

Soon, you will be able to see series premieres on the free Pluto TV. Viewers will be able to watch the debuts of The Equalizer and the Silence of the Lambs show Clarice after their premieres on CBS. Courtesy Deadline.

The executive producer of Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit had this to say to Deadline about season two. “It’s wonderful to know that people loved the show where they want to spend more time with these characters; we never envisioned it that way,” says The Queen’s Gambit EP William Horberg. “We felt that the series had a satisfying endpoint and we’d allow the audience to fill in the space as to what happens next for Beth Harmon. Nothing has changed, despite fans demanding more on my Twitter feed. Scott and I feel really happy about the completeness of Beth’s story.” To read the rest of the interview, click here.

The producers of The Expanse about the weird and wacky journey of the series. “After Season 1 we made a deal with Amazon for the SVOD rights after (each season’s) airing on Syfy,” Alcon Entertainment CEO Broderick Johnson told Variety. “The issue was, more and more people were finding it more attractive to see it on Amazon. So the economics for Syfy just for their window and the advertising they were collecting in their window started to not make sense. They didn’t have the global rights to justify the cost of the show.” You can read the rest of the interview here.

Look who’s talking now. Leslie’s Lehr’s book A Boob’s Life: How America’s Obsession Shaped Meand You is being turned into a series for HBO Max. In the show, a woman who is going through a mid-life crisis start questioning her view of many things when her breasts start speaking to her. Courtesy: Deadline.

A new animated series is coming to Netflix. Daniel Spellbound will debut next year. Here is Netflix’s description: “Set in modern-day New York City, magic is real… it’s just hidden from the public by sleight of hand and misdirection. But Daniel Spellbound knows where to find it – as a tracker of magical ingredients he makes his living selling rare goods to sorcerers and wizards for their spells. But when he discovers a strange ingredient, Daniel catches the attention of dangerous alchemists and he suddenly must test his skills on an adventure around the globe, while the magical world hangs in the balance!” Courtesy: Deadline.

Top Photo: Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen’s Gambit. Courtesy: Netflix.

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