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Netflix’s Night Teeth Review

Ever since Bela Lugosi put on that cape being a vampire became cool. Unlike Nosferatu who came before him, Universal’s Dracula was the epitome of sophistication elegantly charming his victims and his enemies with his undeniable charisma. In fact, his or her magnetism is what makes a vampire, especially the king of vampires, so very dangerous.

The main bloodsuckers and the tone of Netflix’s Night Teeth follow the path laid before it by not only Dracula but such films as Blade, Underworld, Near Dark, The Lost Boys and perhaps the ultimate in sexy bloodsuckers David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve’s John and Miriam in Tony Scott’s The Hunger which set the modern standard for hip, slick bloodsuckers.

Deby Ryan and Lucy Fry are Blaire and Zoe, two fanged femme fatales who are much, much more than their party girl, club-hopping, Rodeo Drive attitudes and vibe make them appear to be, as their driver for the night in question soon finds out. Benny – a very engaging Jorge Lendeborg Jr. – is your average college student still finding his way in the world. His passion though is creating music which he hopes will lead to a successful career. College is his back-up in case that dream doesn’t come true.

Benny is an average Joe living an average life until his brother agrees to let him sub for him, take over as the driver of his private limo for one night only. Benny not only needs the extra cash but he desperate to prove himself to Jay (Raúl Castillo). Benny’s reality is shattered when he discovers that Blaire, Zoe and even his brother are all part of an ancient pact between vampires and vampire hunters. The long-standing truce between the two warring factions has been broken by an upstart vampire (Alfie Allen as the vicious Victor) who believes bloodsuckers should take their rightful place as rulers of the Earth.

Night Teeth’s tried and true formula is nothing new. You have seen it before in True Blood, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Blade, the list goes on and on. The film doesn’t break any new ground but a least it doesn’t have any of those sparkly vampires and it honours the traditional rules so no history lessons or explanations are necessary. We can get right to the action of which there is quite a bit.

Lucy Fry as Zoe and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Benny in Night Teeth. Courtesy: Netflix © 2021

This is a Netflix horror film so there isn’t any gratuitous gore just a lot of head shots, bloody neck gnawing and vampires disintegrating in dust and ash.

It is the intense performances of Ryan, Fry, Lendeborg Jr. and the stylistic touches of relatively new director Adam Randall who elevate Brent Dillion’s pedestrian plot, keeps us engaged. It is still very strange though to be seeing Jessie Prescott snapping and chomping necks and not babysitting the Ross family brood.

With Halloween just a few weeks away Night Teeth is a decent appetizer for that horror movie marathon you might have planned on All Hallow’s Eve. You just wouldn’t want it to be the main course.

Top Photo: Debby Ryan as Blaire and Lucy Fry as Zoe. Courtesy of Netflix.

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