This Week’s Streaming Premieres Dec 13th to 17th

Wednesday, December 15thFriday, December 17th
Disney’s Magic Bake-Off (S1, 4 episodes)

Science Of Stupid (S8)

Hawkeye – Episode 105

Disney’s Magic Bake-Off (S1, 4 episodes)


Gigantosaurus (S3)

Life Below Zero (S17)

Science Of Stupid (S8)
Arendelle Castle Yule Log: Cut Paper Edition

Home Alone 4

Home Alone: The Holiday Heist
Tuesday, December 14thWednesday, December 15thThursday, December 16thFriday, December 17th
The Murders at Starved Rock, Documentary Series Premiere (HBO)What’s New Scooby-Doo?, 2002

2nd Annual HA Festival: The Art of Comedy, Max Original Comedy Special

Diego, The Last Goodbye (Diego, el último adiós), Max Original Documentary

The Cut (aka O Grande Look) , Max Original Season 1 Premiere

Finding Magic Mike, Max Original Season 1 Premiere

The Fungies, Max Original Season 3 Premiere

Music Box: Juice Wrld: Into the Abyss, Documentary Premiere (HBO)

Station Eleven, Max Original Season 1 Premiere
A Forbidden Orange , Max Original Premiere
Monday, December 13thTuesday, December 14thWednesday, December 15thThursday, December 16thFriday, December 17th
70th Miss Universe Competition: Special

Gordon Ramsay’s Road Trip: European Vacation: Special

American Auto: Series Premiere
Gordon Ramsay’s Road Trip: Christmas Vacation

Grand Crew: Series Premiere

Rising Wolf
Dead Asleep (Hulu Original Documentary)


Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman
Mother/Android (Hulu Original Film)

The Nowhere Inn
Monday, December 13thTuesday, December 14thWednesday, December 15thThursday, December 16thFriday, December 17th
Eyes in the Sky

The Challenge: Season 25

Elite Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe

The Giver

The Hand of God

Marsha and the Bear: Nursery Rhymes: Season 1 Part 2

Marsha and the Bear: Season 5

Selling Tampa

Teen Mom 2: Seasons 3-4
The Future Diary

Russell Howard: Lubricant

StarBeam: Beaming in the New Year
Black Ink Crew New York: Seasons 3-4

The Challenge: Season 12

The Challenge: Season 25
A California Christmas: City Lights

A Naija Christmas

Aggretsuko: Season 4

Darkest Hour

Puff: Wonders of the Reef
Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Season 6: Homecoming

The Witcher: Season 2
Monday, December 13thTuesday, December 14thWednesday, December 15thThursday, December 16thFriday, December 17th
Falsa Identidad, Season 2 (Telemundo) 

Miss Universe (Telemundo) 


American Auto, Season 1, Episodes 1-2 (NBC) 

My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To, 2021  

Premier League – Brentford v. Manchester United* 

Premier League – Norwich City v. Aston Villa* 
Grand Crew, Season 1, Episodes 1-2 (NBC)  

Premier League – Brighton v. Wolves* 

Premier League – Burnley v. Watford* 

Premier League – Crystal Palace v. Southampton*
A Christmas Village Romance, 2021 

Days of our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas (Peacock Original)*  

Kenan Holiday Episode (NBC) 

The Kids Tonight Show, Season 1, Two New Episodes (Peacock Original)*  

MacGruber, Season 1 (Peacock Original)*  

100th Anniversary Miss America Competition 

Mr. Mayor Holiday Episode (NBC) 

Paris in Love, Season 1, Episode 6 (Peacock Original)*  

Premier League – Leicester City v. Tottenham* 

Premier League – Liverpool v. Newcastle 

Premier League – Chelsea v. Everton* 

Young Rock Holiday Episode (NBC)
The Amber Ruffin Show, Season 2, New Episode (Peacock Original)*  

The Burning Wall, 2002 

FIS World Cup Alpine – Men’s Super-G – Val Gardena, Italy* 

Men in Blazers, Season 8, Episode 5
Thursday, December 16thFriday, December 17th
Theory Of Everything (2014)Boxing Day (2021)

Christmas Is Cancelled (2021)


With Love – Amazon Original Series: Season 1
Monday, December 13thTuesday, December 14thFriday, December 17th
All the Colors of Giallo
(Available on Shudder US and Shudder CA)
‘Giallo’ is Italian for ‘yellow’, the color of the lurid pulp novels that inspired one of the most intense, extreme and influential genres in movie history. In this unprecedented documentary, experience the evolution of giallo through interviews with the masters of the form, including Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Sergio Martino, Daria Nicolodi and many more
(Available on Shudder US and Shudder CA)
When an American widow arrives at her late husband’s luxurious Italian estate, she surrenders to an orgy of ménages à trois, madness and murder.
Knife of Ice
(Available on Shudder US and Shudder CA)
As a thirteen-year-old, Martha Caldwell witnessed the death of her parents in a terrible railway accident. Barely surviving the tragedy herself, Martha was struck dumb due to the shock. Now an adult, the still mute Martha lives with her uncle Ralph in the Spanish countryside. Martha’s cousin Jenny arrives to be with the family but is quickly stabbed to death. It appears that a sex maniac is roaming the countryside, killing pretty, young girls. The already traumatized Martha seems likely to be the next victim, but the case turns out to be far more complicated than it would first seem.
So Sweet So Perverse
(Available on Shudder US and Shudder CA)
Jean, a rich Parisian socialite, comes to the aid of a frightened young woman who is under the domineering control of her abusive boyfriend, Klaus. Although married, Jean develops a romantic relationship with Nicole. However, he may have gotten himself involved in more than he bargained for.
A Quiet Place to Kill
(Available on Shudder US and Shudder CA)
A racecar driver whose life is in a rapid downfall is invited by her ex-husband’s new wife to stay at their plush estate. The two women form a bond, and it’s not long before their mutual dislike for the husband culminates into a plan to kill him. As it turns out, though, they’re not alone in plotting murder.
All The Creatures Were Stirring
(Available on Shudder US and Shudder CA)
Ho, ho, no! The joyful spirit of the holidays is about to take one dark turn after another. From sadistic office parties and last-minute shopping nightmares to vengeful stalkers and immortal demons, there’s plenty out there to keep you from getting out of bed to see what’s under the tree this holiday season.
Rose Plays Julie
(Available on Shudder US and Shudder CA)
In this intimate exploration of identity, trauma and power, a young woman seeks out her birth mother, inadvertently triggering a string of events which change both of their lives.
Joe Bob Ruins Christmas 
Iconic horror host and foremost drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs returns with a new The Last Drive-In double feature just in time for Christmas, premiering live on the Shudder TV feed. In what has become an annual holiday tradition, the new special will feature a telethon and charity auction of one-of-a-kind props from The Last Drive-In and personal memorabilia from Joe Bob’s 35-year career. The details of this year’s items, charities and films will be revealed during the special. (Also available on demand beginning December 19.)
Wednesday, December 15th
America’s Wild Border: Northern Exposure
Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club
 (Seasons 5-6)
Ocean Super Predators
Survivor: New Zealand
 (Season 2)
Survivor: South Africa (Season 8)
Tasmania: Curious Life of Quolls
Virus Hunting: Cave to COVID
Wildest California
Yukon’s Wild Grizzlies

Top Photo: Joe Bob Ruins Christmas . Courtesy: Shudder.

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