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Shudder acquires Dario Argento’s ‘Dark Glasses’

The giallo master’s first film in 12 years will be airing on Shudder.

Dario Agento’s Dark Glasses (‘Occhiali Neri’ in Italian) stars Ilenia Pastorelli, Andrea Zhang and Asia Argento. It will stream exclusively on Shudder this fall.

“Argento is an undisputed master of the genre, responsible for some of the greatest horror films ever made.  There are few words I’ve been more excited to say than these: ‘Shudder will be the home of Dario Argento’s new film.’ We are beyond thrilled to bring Dark Glasses to our members around the world,” said Shudder general manager Craig Engler,

Shudder describes Dark Glasses as “an eclipse blackens the skies on a hot summer day in Rome — a harbinger of the darkness that will envelop Diana (Pastorelli) when a serial killer chooses her as prey.  Fleeing her predator, the young escort crashes her car and loses her sight. She emerges from the initial shock determined to fight for her life, but she is no longer alone. Defending her and acting as her eyes is a little boy, Chin (Zhang), who survived the car accident. But the killer won’t give up his victim. Who will be saved?”.

The film will be premiering at the Berlin Film Festival on today and will be released in Italy on February 24th.

Known as the “Master of Horror”, Argento’s films include Suspira, Deep Red and Tenebre.

Top Photo: Asia Argento in Dark Glasses. Courtesy: Shudder.

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