Study: Too many streaming choices

Customers are being overwhelmed by the myriad of choices in the cluttered streaming marketplace.

A survey conducted by TV Time and UTA IQ found that 70% of the respondents believe there are too many streaming choices and 87% worry it will become too expensive to keep up with them.

The other prominent gripes were having to switch between services (67%), managing so many accounts (58%) and the inability to locate the content people want to watch (45%).

“In a television landscape that is experiencing such intense disruption, we are seeking to better understand how consumer preferences and attitudes play into it,” said Joe Kessler and David Herrin of UTA IQ. “It is indeed the Golden Age of Television, in that there are more great shows being made, more competition for eyeballs and ultimately, greater demand for creative talent, than ever before. Research like this helps us look beyond the horizon and make more informed decisions as we work together to navigate these monumental shifts in the marketplace.”

The study also found that customers are willing to accept ad-supported business models (44%).

When it comes to brand awareness concerning the upcoming services, Disney + and Apple TV+ are the big winners with 88% and 63% while HBO Max (37%) and NBCU’s Peacock (28%) came in third and fourth.

When asked what attracts them most to Disney+ most said library franchises with Marvel (77%) and Pixar (71%) ranking the highest.

The study was conducted in September 2019 with 4,816 respondents in the U.S. and 1,818 total respondents in the Netherlands, Canada and Australia. The U.S. population results were balanced by age and gender (13-54).

Top Photo: Tim Gouw from Pexels.

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