Peacock reveals streaming plan for ‘The Office’

‘The Office’ has left its former home – Netflix- and will be landing on Peacock for good on New Years Day.

Fans though will only be able to binge the first two seasons for free. If they wish to check out the other seven they will need to purchase a $5-a-month Peacock Premium subscription.

Peacock’s subscription plans are:

Free: You can watch most shows, movies but there are ads.

Premium: $4.99 a month with ads.

Premium Plus: $9.99 with no ads.

Peacock is promising bonus materials with the launch of the series on Peacock including deleted scenes, extended episodes and interviews.

“Having The Office back in the NBC family opens up access to a lot of extra content that we originally shot. The team at Peacock wanted to create the ultimate destination for fans, so I went back into the dailies with the original editors of the show and found some never-before-seen footage that was cut for time but is still fun to see,” said creator Greg Daniels.

Top Photo: Steve Carell in The Office (2005). Courtesy: NBC.

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